How to Fall in Love With and Curate Art

Like falling in love, buying art can be both daunting and exciting. Sometimes a relationship begins with love at first sight , other times a love grows over time. But like in any long term relationship, before you invest there are important things to consider. 

First and foremost, you should of course love and connect with both the visual and the meaning of the artwork. But as is true in any relationship, there are also some practical things to think about.

Majestic by Yehoshua Aryeh

1. Will the Size Fit?

Practically speaking, will it fit? Consider the size of your space and where you are planning on hanging the artwork. Will a vertical or horizontal piece be the best fit? When installing artwork over furniture, consider the size of your sofa or table and keep the piece about ⅔-¾ of the width of the furniture. To read more about sizing and what height to hang your artwork, read our full blog post here.

2. Goals of Your Room

Examine how the room is used and how you want to feel in the space. Is it your bedroom where you want to relax? Is it the living room where you want conversation and a mix of activities? Do you want an artwork that makes the room feel more intimate, or something with more depth that will feel expansive and open?

3. Complementary Colors

Look at the color scheme of your room. How will the artwork complement your colors and decor? Will black and white or color be a better fit? Is the piece being installed over a specific colored couch or furniture to match with? Patterns create harmony and repetition of three or more creates a pattern: for example, orange pillow, orange chair, orange sunset in the artwork. 

4. Connecting to the Artist

Get to know the artist.  Read about the artist's intention, mission, and explanation of the work. Even better to talk to the artist to enrich your experience, connection, and understanding of the artwork. Consider who and what you are supporting by purchasing the artwork.

5. Ask for Advice

If you still aren't sure about the perfect fit for this long term relationship, you can always ask for help. Y.A. Fine Art offers a complimentary artwork consultation and can even make digital mock-ups to help you visualize the artwork in your space. Contact Us >

Then like in love and romance, heck with the rules: get what you love!

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