meet the artist

Yehoshua aryeh stauber

my mission
connection that lasts

Many people search for ways to connect more deeply with Israel. This connection can come through investing in trips, attending classes and reading other sparks of inspiration on social media or news outlets.

But it can be difficult to sustain a living, breathing personal relationship with Israel when you’re at home in your routine.

I believe that interacting with the Land itself is what truly allows us to develop this relationship:

“Go to the land that I will show you” - Genesis 12:1

These are the words G-d speaks to Abraham when calling him to the Land of Israel. There is no further explanation; simply “go”, and you will see with your own eyes. There is a power of connection that comes from seeing the Land and experiencing it for ourselves.

Capturing that imagery, those landscapes, so that you can see them with your own eyes from wherever you are in the world - that is my mission. 

my story
the journey that brought me here

My name is Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber. I grew up in Hollywood, South Florida surrounded by an Israel-supporting community and a home that encouraged love for the outdoors and creativity.

However, I lacked a deep personal connection with Israel.

It was when I came to live and study in Israel on a gap year after high school that I encountered a Land completely different from the one I had visited so many times as a child. Instead of visiting as a tourist, I was experiencing Israel as my home and seeing myself as a part of the broader story.

By the end of that year, it was clear to me where I belonged. I am now blessed to call Israel my home together with my wife Jordyn and our children.

my art
merging two passions

From a young age I often had a camera in my hand, and photography became my tool of expression to share a window into the way I see the Land.

The goal of my photography is not only to capture the natural beauty of Israel, but also the deeper essence that lies beyond the surface for you to connect with in a tangible and ongoing way.

My hope is that with my artwork you can give yourself a deepened and sustainable relationship with Israel as you live with, grow with, and are inspired by your piece of the Land every single day. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with me as we further embrace our personal connection with Israel!