Through his award-winning collection of fine art photography, Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber reveals the raw and breathtaking natural beauty of the Land of Israel. Yehoshua was born and raised in South Florida and now resides in Jerusalem with his wife and their two children. Captivated by both the art of photography and the Land of Israel, he is merging these two passions by using his creative talents to capture and share the allure of Israel with the world.

body and soul

Yehoshua’s growing body of work represents a continuing journey and a developing love story. With deep ties to the land, the fresh eyes of a newcomer, and a spiritual sense of inspiration, Yehoshua’s work not only captures the physical manifestation of the land in its variety and its glory, but also reflects the inner world of her soul. Each piece is a powerful interaction with the land itself, drawing the viewer into Yehoshua’s unique artistic insight.

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international awards
"International competitions are one small part in the larger story of how I am bringing the holiness and uniqueness of the Land to the world."
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