All of our artworks are Face-Mounted Acrylic Prints. Meaning, they are first printed onto Fine Art photo paper with a metallic high gloss surface and then face-mounted to acrylic. Another panel of acrylic is mounted to the back, sealing the paper in the middle to protect the print. The combination of the metallic high gloss paper and acrylic results in an artwork that is sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. 

No, all artwork is delivered framed and ready to hang with wall cleats included.

Our standard framing for all artwork is the 'recess float mount'. A hidden aluminum frame mounted onto the back hangs the artwork 1" off the wall, giving an overall sleek and modern look.

Additional framing options are available as well. The additional framing is a great option if you are looking for a smaller size artwork or if the style better fits to your home. See more in our blog post here.

A Limited Edition photograph will only ever be sold a certain number of times in any size. For example, many of Yehoshua Aryeh's pieces are limited to 52 prints. Once those 52 sell out, that artwork will no longer be sold.

Exact sizing is dependent on the specific photograph. We produce all artwork in-house, so although we do have standard sizing depending on the format of the photograph, we are able to customize to fit your needs. See more about our sizing and large multi-panel installations here.

Yes, we ship all over the world!

Generally between 4-8 weeks depending on shipment location and the specific artwork that you order. Exact delivery details and estimated arrival will be provided once the order is processed and confirmed by the Y.A. Fine Art team. *Please note that delivery times may be delayed due to material shortage in response to COVID-19*

Your artwork will be securely shipped completely ready to hang along with the proper equipment to install it. Your artwork shipment will be insured so that you will be entitled to a replacement in the rare case of damage.

For our standard 'recess float mount' artwork, aluminum framing is mounted onto the back for easy installation onto a wall cleat, which we will provide for you. Artwork with additional framing is easily installed onto hooks in the wall, which will likewise be provided for you. Upon shipment confirmation, we will provide you with specific hanging guidelines. We always recommend hiring a professional to install your artwork.

Of course! Feel free to Contact Us or Book a Complimentary Consultation.

You can contact us through our Contact Page! We will be happy to assist you.