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American-Israeli Artist Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber

We feel like an incredible light and love has entered our home. We are so excited to have Israel here with us. I can't stop looking at it. Very, very grateful.

Monica G
Florida, USA

Hidden Light looks beautiful. It makes me smile and think of Israel every time I pass by.

Lisa S
New Jersey, USA

My artwork Redemption looks great and gives me joy and hope.

James S
New York, USA

We could not be happier! Each piece adds a unique dimension to the room!

Sandy S
Jerusalem, Israel

center of jerusalem

the y.a. fine art gallery

There is only one way to truly experience the grandeur of Yehoshua Aryeh's artwork, and that is to see them for yourself in person.

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yehoshua aryeh

Captivated by both the art of photography and the Land of Israel, American-Israeli artist Yehoshua is merging these two passions to share the allure of Israel with the world.

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Land of Life presents the awe-inspiring collection of fine art photography from Yehoshua Aryeh, revealing the breathtaking natural beauty of the Land of Israel as never seen before.