Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Redemption is limited edition of 18 prints, inclusive of all sizes. All limited edition artwork is available in a wide range of sizes, delivered ready-to-hang worldwide.

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Artist Reflections

"Rebbe Chiyya and Rebbe Shimon were walking [in Israel 2,500 years ago]. They saw the first rays of dawn as the daylight broke forth into the sky. Said R. Chiyya to R. Shimon: 'Like the break of day so is the redemption of Israel. It begins little by little and, as it proceeds, it grows greater and greater'" - Jerusalem Talmud, Berachot 4:2

Redemption is not only a nation-wide event, but a phenomenon that takes place on a personal level as well. I identify with the sensation of being exiled from my true self, and the longing to feel whole, as the national and divine exile are described. Reflecting on this photograph of the daybreak over the Ramon crater, I envision the process of personal redemption. I remind myself that the return to my inner truth develops little by little, greater and greater every day.‍

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All of Yehoshua Aryeh's Limited Edition artworks are acrylic face-mounted. This means that the photograph is printed onto archival fine art paper and mounted to 1/8" acrylic plexiglass with hidden aluminum framing in the back. This framing style gives a sleek and modern look sure to transform any space.

The artwork is delivered ready to hang with all necessary installation equipment.

Additional framing options and sizes are available upon request. Contact Us

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Available in a range of sizes as acrylic face-mounted prints, Yehoshua Aryeh's artwork is delivered ready to hang with free insured shipping worldwide.


Limited Edition

Each Limited Edition Yehoshua Aryeh artwork is signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Once the set number of editions sell out, that artwork will no longer be available for purchase.

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