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Art Meets Space: Choosing the Right Wall

​​Artwork possesses the remarkable ability to breathe life into any space, adding personality, depth, and intrigue, making the decision of where to hang your new piece just as crucial as the artwork itself. From visibility to wall proportions and correlating furniture, there are several key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the ideal wall for your masterpiece.

Visibility of the Art

Firstly, consider the visibility of the art within your home, weighing the significance of its placement in private spaces versus common areas. For instance, Yehoshua Aryeh’s acrylic face-mounted prints can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to intimate spaces like bedrooms, where they can be enjoyed intimately. Alternatively, in communal areas like the living room or dining area, the artwork serves as a captivating focal point, engaging and inspiring guests.

Placing Artwork as a Central Focus Point

Placing artwork on a central focus point, like above a couch, in a dining room, centered on a large wall, or over a bed in a private room, enhances the space's aesthetic appeal. Whether anchoring a seating area, sparking conversation during meals, or transforming a bedroom into a serene retreat, strategically positioning artwork elevates the room's ambiance and design.

Wall Proportions

Consideration of wall proportions is equally crucial, ensuring a visually pleasing display. Whether your artwork is horizontal or vertical, its size and the wall space available must strike a balanced relationship. Additionally, embracing negative space around the artwork can enhance its impact and draw attention to its beauty.

Correlating Furniture and Design Flow

Finally, the wall you choose for your artwork should harmonize with existing furniture and design elements in the room. Pay attention to color palette, style, and flow, ensuring that the artwork seamlessly integrates into the space. Visualizing different wall placements and arrangements through digital mock-ups can help refine your decision-making process.

Final Thoughts & Additional Resources

By considering visibility, wall proportions, and correlating furniture, you can ensure that your artwork not only looks stunning but also seamlessly integrates into your home's design. Now that you’re equipped with these insights, you’re ready to choose the perfect wall and elevate your space with your cherished artwork.

We're here to help! Take advantage of our complimentary digital mock-ups to feel confident in your artwork and wall choice:

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