International Awards

As an artist, I have a profound appreciation for the opportunities I have to share the beauty of Israel through the lens of fine art photography. Entering into international competitions is one small part in the larger story of how I am bringing the holiness and uniqueness of the Land to the world.

I am humbled and honored to have been awarded the following accolades throughout the years and hope to continue to share my work on international platforms as I grow my collection. - Y.A.

Epson International Pano Awards

Open Awards 2021
Bronze - Redemption

Open Awards 2022
Bronze - Another World

reFocus Awards

Black & White Photo Contest 2022
People's Vote Award (Nature) - Imagine
Nominee (Landscapes, Nature) - Breached
Nominee (Abstract, Minimalism) - Delicate
Nominee (Landscapes, Nature) - Gratitude

One Shot Photo Contest 2022
Nominee (Nature) - Ablaze

Color Photography Contest 2023
Nominee (Nature) - Carried Away
Nominee (Landscapes) - Ablaze

IPA (Int'l Photography Awards)

Professional IPA 2022
Official Selection (Architecture-Historic) - Light to the Nations

MPI (Master Photographers International)

8th Annual International Imaging Competition
Bronze (Landscapes-Natures Intimate) - Misty Morning

WPE Awards - International Photography

2023 First Half Competition
Silver (Landscape)Palace of the King