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Are you a part of a synagogue, church or community that would love to engage more with Israel but don't know where else to turn for unique and inspiring content?

introducing the
land of life webinar

Connecting with Israel is on more people's minds than ever, but the darkness and heaviness surrounding the war can be hard to face.

What if there was a way to reconnect with the beauty and light that exists within the Land?

Well now, there is!

yehoshua aryeh
meet your guide

My name is Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber. I am originally from South Florida and now live in Jerusalem with my wife and children. Through my artwork, I aim to express my deep connection with the Land of Israel in hope that it will awaken or enrich yours.

unique and inspiring

journey through the land

Taking you on a journey through Israel with his breathtaking landscape photography, artist Yehoshua Aryeh connects you to the light of the Land with its natural, historical, and spiritual significance.

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inspiring testimonial

Dear Yehoshua and Jordyn,

I was stunned by your presentation today. Not only was it so wonderfully crafted, but most important, it touched our souls on so many levels: not only the beauty of the images themselves but also to how you connect the images to ancient history, our teachings, our struggles and triumphs as a Jewish people, and to our individual spiritual journeys.

On behalf of Chizuk Amuno Congregation, we can't thank you enough for the light you have brought to our community. Please know that we all are thinking of you during these most difficult times. You have created many new friends here in Baltimore.

All the best,
Bob Hallock
Chizuk Amuno Congregation

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You bring the audience, and let us do the rest:

1) Schedule a time: Choose a date and time that works best.
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3) Be inspired: Log on to the 1-hour webinar for a memorable and uplifting experience.

don't let the darkness bring you down
It’s time to tap into the light of the Land of Life
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The webinar is 60 minutes with 15 minutes allotted for introductions by community leaders, if applicable, and Q&A.

No, we fully handle the hosting for you and you do not need to have access to your own platform.

Definitely! We will provide you with video, written email content, and image files to use in promotional material to your community.

We are open to working with you on an individual basis to provide exactly what you need.

You can email us at contact@yafineart.com or leave your information above and we will reach out to connect.

Yes, the price for the Land of Life webinar is $495. This includes direct assistance with any marketing materials for your community and the full 1-hour long hosted webinar experience.

We strongly value bringing the light of Israel to your community. If price could be a limiting factor please don't hesitate to reach out.