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Are you a part of a synagogue, church or community that would love to engage more with Israel?

Connecting with Israel is on more people's minds than ever, and there is a tendency in the current times to focus on the dramatic, tragic, darkness and everything that's followed - which is needed!

But it can get heavy, and we don't want to lose sight of the beauty and light that remains in the land. This positive connection will be what ultimately propels us to continue forward with strength.

With my Land of Life webinar, I want to give your community an opportunity to reconnect to the everlasting light of the Land to help us all build a sustainable, personal connection with Israel.

meet the guide
yehoshua aryeh stauber

My name is Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber. I grew up in Hollywood, South Florida surrounded by an Israel-supporting community and a home that encouraged love for the outdoors and creativity.

However, I lacked a deep personal connection with Israel.

It was when I came to live and study in Israel on a gap year after high school that I encountered a Land completely different from the one I had visited so many times as a child. Instead of visiting as a tourist, I was experiencing Israel as my home and seeing myself as a part of the broader story.

By the end of that year, it was clear to me where I belonged. I am now blessed to call Israel my home together with my wife Jordyn and our children.

Photography has become my became my tool of expression to share a window into the way I see the Land, and over the past five years I have built a collection of award winning landscape photography that I have the opportunity to share with world.

Along with my Jerusalem gallery and hundreds of Collectors' homes around the world, my work was also recently exhibited in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The goal of my photography is not only to capture the natural beauty of Israel, but also the deeper essence that lies beyond the surface for you to connect with in a tangible and ongoing way.

about the webinar
Journey Through the Land

In my Land of Life webinar, I will guide you on a journey with my photography through five of Israel's main regions: Galilee/Golan, Mediterranean Coast, Negev, Dead Sea, and Jerusalem.

Throughout each of these regions, I use my metaphorical "tripod" to share three distinct ways of connecting with the Land:

  1. Natural Beauty: Fascinating facts about the diverse landscapes, climates, and geographical developments found throughout Israel.
  2. Historical Significance: Events and developments that have happened over time to shape the current cultural environment.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Meditational guiding points to see beyond the surface and connect with the deep light and tranquility of the Land.

“Go to the land that I will show you” - Genesis 12:1

These are the words G-d speaks to Abraham when calling him to the Land of Israel. There is no further explanation; simply “go”, and you’ll see with your own eyes. There is a power in seeing the Land, experiencing it for ourselves, that cannot be put into words.

Capturing that imagery and sharing those landscapes for you to experience them with your own eyes from wherever you are in the world - that is my mission. 

inspiring testimonial

Dear Yehoshua,

I was stunned by your presentation today. Not only was it so wonderfully crafted, but most important, it touched our souls on so many levels: not only the beauty of the images themselves but also to how you connect the images to ancient history, our teachings, our struggles and triumphs as a Jewish people, and to our individual spiritual journeys.

On behalf of Chizuk Amuno Congregation, we can't thank you enough for the light you have brought to our community. Please know that we all are thinking of you during these most difficult times. You have created many new friends here in Baltimore.

All the best,
Bob Hallock
Chizuk Amuno Congregation

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The webinar is 60 minutes total, with about 15 minutes allotted for introductions by community leaders, if applicable, and Q&A.

The price for the Land of Life webinar is $495. This includes the pre-written, customizable email campaign to promote the webinar to your community and the 1-hour long hosted webinar experience.

We strongly value bringing the light of Israel to your community. If price could be a limiting factor please don't hesitate to reach out.

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