Chaos and Order by Yehoshua Aryeh. Limited Edition Artwork of Israel from Y.A. Fine Art. Black and White Horizontal Fine Art Photograph.

Chaos and Order

Judean Desert, Israel

Chaos and Order is limited edition of 18 prints, inclusive of all sizes. All limited edition artwork is available in a wide range of sizes, delivered ready-to-hang worldwide.

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Artist Reflections

While walking through a dried up gorge in the Judean desert known as Nahal Pratzim, I was struck by the dynamic patterns on the wall. I framed two contrasting forms that appeared one beside the other - the left chaotic and unpredictable, the right ordered and smooth. According to  Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, the world was created through the introduction of unstable chaos (Tohu) and then the rectification of order (Tikkun). These two forces also exist within us and can be expressed in different ways. Tohu can be expressed as our natural creative drive; Tikkun as the process of directing that raw energy. When the two work together, as I captured in this image, it is a synthesis that has the potential to create true beauty.

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All of Yehoshua Aryeh's Limited Edition artworks are acrylic face-mounted. This means that the photograph is printed onto archival fine art paper and mounted to 1/8" acrylic plexiglass with hidden aluminum framing in the back. This framing style gives a sleek and modern look sure to transform any space.

The artwork is delivered ready to hang with all necessary installation equipment.

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Limited Edition

Each Limited Edition Yehoshua Aryeh artwork is signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Once the set number of editions sell out, that artwork will no longer be available for purchase.

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Delivered worldwide ready to hang, each Limited Edition artwork is handcrafted and specially made to order for you.

Custom sizes

Every space is unique and deserving of individual attention. For this reason, we are happy to offer custom and larger sizes including large, epic sizes up to 24-feet. Our in-house art advisor is available to help guide you through the options and help choose the perfect fit for your space.

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