Voice of the Mountains


Yehoshua Aryeh’s fine art acrylic prints can be ordered in a variety of sizes with additional framing options available. Please reach out via the link below for all inquiries.

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It is told that Rav Abraham Isaac Kook was once walking amidst the mountains of the Land of Israel. After speaking expansively about how impressed he was by the landscape, he was asked, “But you spent time in the Swiss Alps! What is so special about these mountains?” Rav Kook sharply replied, "The Alps don’t speak to me." 

Viewers of my work sometimes react with surprise that all of my photographs were taken within the land of Israel. They assume that such variety must come from traveling the world. However, in truth, my work is born out of my special relationship with this land, out of hearing the unique voice in which it speaks to me, and it is difficult for me to imagine taking such photographs anywhere else in the world.


Aminadav Forest, Israel


Limited Edition of 101

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Limited Edition

Each Limited Edition Yehoshua Aryeh artwork is signed and numbered. Once the editions sell out it will no longer be sold.

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