Hadera Forest

Hadera Forest

about the hadera forest

These Eucalyptus trees have a unique story to share - one that courses through the veins of modern day Israel and reminds us of the unique privilege we have to enjoy the Land as it is today.

One of the oldest forests in Israel, the Hadera Forest was originally established by Jewish farmers in the late 1800s to drain the deadly swamps. Once a desolate and dangerous wasteland, this forest has now contributed to the ability for us to thrive and can be enjoyed for its beauty.

I imagine those who planted this forest would be full of joy to know what the Land would eventually become. The story of the Hadera Forest is one of many coming-to-life stories of Israel that serves as a reminder of how far we have come, how grateful we are to be here, and the incredible beauty we can enjoy as we tap into the light of the Land of Israel.

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