Feature in Mishpacha Magazine

Mishpacha Photoshoot Yehoshua & Jordyn

We were honored to have the story and message of Y.A. Fine Art featured in Mishpacha Magazine! Included in the beautifully written article titled 'Refracted Light' is the story of how we (Yehoshua Aryeh and his wife, Jordyn) met, fell in love with Torah and Israel, and ultimately followed our dream to make Aliyah and share that love with the world. The article also features artwork highlights such as 'Ohr HaGanuz' and the latest addition 'Boker Arfili', sharing the stories behind capturing the photographs as well as their inspirational messages. 

See this link for the full online article:


We loved the design of the article in the magazine. 
Preview the physical copy:
first page article magazine
final page article magazine