Exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels

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This week I have the honor to exhibit my work in the lobby of the grandiose European Parliament in Brussels. This exhibition has been planned for quite some time, and after the war began I had to decide whether or not I wanted to continue forward with it.

I am so glad that I did. 

Pictured above: Yehoshua Aryeh with his Land of Life exhibition set up in
the lobby of the European Parliament in Brussels

While I wasn’t sure what challenges and difficult conversations I would be faced with in a time of such heated political discussions, I did not expect how impacted I would feel by the incredible members of Parliament who have been working tirelessly in support of Israel since October 7th.

At the opening event, and I had the chance to share my message and artwork with a room full of these influential Parliament members.

My main message was that the Land of Israel is not defined by the war. There is an incredibly bright light within the darkness, and I hope for my work to speak that truth.

After I spoke, a few attendees shared a similar sentiment of how important the timing of my exhibition is for them. David Lega, the Swedish Member of Parliament who is the official host of my exhibition, even commented regarding a colleague that it was the first time he’d seen her smile in the past two months.

Pictured above (left to right): Artist Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber, Swedish MEP David Lega,
Israel Ambassador to the EU Haim Regev, Greek MEP Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou

I am so grateful for the opportunity to bring out the light of the Land and renew the drive and energy in these politicians’ tireless efforts behind the scenes to support Israel.

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With Gratitude,
Yehoshua Aryeh Stauber, Artist