Chanukah Celebration

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Chanukah with us. What a special holiday! Yehoshua enjoyed sharing some Chanukah inspiration through his artwork with you. 

Yehoshua presented his artwork titled 'Ohr HaGanuz', taken on Chanukah last year. He spoke about how he captured the photograph, what makes it so unique, and how it is connected to Chanukah. You can get a taste of the presentation through his written reflections on this photo:

Yehoshua's Reflections

Winter nights are long and dark. Sometimes, it is hard to remember the days full of sunshine. However, we have eight days of Chanukah within the winter that remind us of the hidden light that is beneath this darkness. This olive tree and the radiant colors surrounding it were captured just after the sun had set, entering into the final eighth day of Chanukah. Using a method of long exposure, which keeps the shutter of the camera open longer than normal to let more light in, these beautiful colors were exposed to me. This embodies an essential teaching of Chanukah: “A little light dispels a lot of darkness”. Within the dark night of winter, just a small amount of light reveals the magnificence of Hashem's creations.


See the full page for 'Ohr HaGanuz' here.