When I Look to Your Heavens


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“I look to Your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that You set in place... Endless One, Master of the universe, how majestic is Your revelation throughout the earth!” - King David, Psalms 8

Based on this verse from Psalms, the mystical work known as the Zohar teaches what made King David fit for kingship. While tending to his father's sheep, King David would gaze up at the night sky and experience the beauty of the stars and the moon as a revelation of the Creator of the World. I perceive night and day as representations of internal states of being. The light of day reflects clarity. The darkness of night reflects confusion and doubt. What makes true greatness, as I think the Zohar explains, is when we can find the hints of clarity in times of confusion and, like King David, appreciate the beauty of the Creator through these sparks of light in the dark of night.

(זוהר חדש פב ע״ב) 


Judean Desert, Israel


Limited Edition of 18

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Limited Edition

Each Limited Edition Yehoshua Aryeh artwork is signed and numbered. Once the editions sell out it will no longer be sold.

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