Top 10 Reasons to Buy Art from Israel

There is no doubt that the art on your walls shapes the atmosphere of your home both in your every day life for your family and for your visitors. Well, your art can be from anywhere in the world - so why Israel?

1. Beautify your space

Our homes are our castle, our refuge from the rest of the world, and where we spend most of our lives. Decorating your walls with beauty, significance, and meaningful impact can be an empowering experience and bring true joy to your space.

2. Commemorate a memory or hope

Buying and displaying an artwork from Israel can commemorate an amazing trip you wish to take or have taken to Israel, reminding you of gratitude and hope.

3. Secure an investment

Artwork is usually a good investment, and artwork from Israel made during this historic time is likely to increase in value while you enjoy it.

4. Incorporate Israel in your home

Buying and displaying art from Israel is an opportunity to physically connect to the land of Israel and bring an Israeli artifact into your home. Especially when the artwork is a photograph of the Land itself, your artwork can provide a window into the stunning scene.

5. Enrich your surroundings with meaning

Art is beautiful in and of itself, but when the art is imbued with meaning and significance it reminds us of priorities, gratitude, hope, joy and prompts both inner and outer dialogue enriching our surroundings.

6. Encourage art production in Israel 

Purchasing original art not only places unique art on walls but also supports the artist and community and encourages artists to produce more work. Supporting artists to keep producing more work is good for the artist, community, and your investment.

7. Support Israel’s artists and economy

Whether online or in person, buying art strengthens the economy and provides income for the Israeli artist to continue to build their life in this holy land.

8. Enjoy the experience of art collecting in Israel

If you will be physically visiting Israel, buying a piece of art in person can be an exciting experience. You can research artists and galleries and work with them directly as an awesome adventure in and of itself.

9. Build a legacy

A piece of artwork from Israel can be a historic and artistic artifact passed down generation after generation as a symbol of love and support of Israel.

10. Participate in history making

Buying a piece of artwork in Israel today provides you a way to participate in the amazing developments occurring in the land of Israel.

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